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Reo Radford is a senior at the University of Wyoming. In the summer of 2018, he will be traveling with a group of college-aged students on a 70-day, 4000+ mile ride from Baltimore, MD to Seattle, WA raising money and awareness for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

What is your connection to the cancer community?

I've been lucky enough to have never been directly affected by cancer, but I've had role models and influences in my life affected.

My high school soccer coach's wife was diagnosed with a malignant neuroendocrine tumor the size of a baseball inside her pelvic cavity. She recently got it removed, along with several organs. She was the women's soccer coach, as well as the librarian. Since she coached soccer with her husband, she and I were close for the two years that I played.

Why are you traveling over 4000 miles this summer with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults?

I'm riding 4000 miles this summer to honor those who have lost the fight and those who are still fighting. I believe that everyone should find something bigger than themselves to dedicate themselves to at least once in their life. 

ABOUT 2018 4K for Cancer

2018 marks the 17th year of the 4K for Cancer sending young adults on journeys across the country in an effort to inspire hope and unite communities in the fight against cancer. The 4K for Cancer is a program of The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF). Interested in joining the fight? Apply to be a rider or runner a at


Over 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year. Young adults (ages 15-39) face a variety of unique challenges with a cancer diagnosis including fertility preservation, social isolation, lack of insurance, delayed diagnosis, and more. 


The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. With your support, the Ulman Cancer Fund is able to provide free support services and resources for the young adult cancer community including:

Cancer to 5K - a 12-week training program designed to introduce or reintroduce cancer survivors to physical activity.

Patient Navigation - a free program (onsite at cancer centers and remotely through our office) that ensures no young adult ever faces cancer alone. We provide one-on-one support & resources to young adults and their families to help them manage the cancer experience and long-term cancer survival.

Scholarships - a financial assistance program to help young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

UCF House - This year UCF broke ground on a “home away from home” to provide free housing for young adult cancer patients, and their caregivers, in East Baltimore. 

Your donation will help make these programs and our mission possible!

Name Date Amount Comments
Dale Radford 08/07/2018 $175.00 YOU DID IT!
Matt & Deb Waechter 06/12/2018 $20.00 Thank You Reo for doing this Ride for Cancer. We live in Lincoln, Ne & know your Grandpa Reo & Grandma Virginia
Dave & Dee Swinarski 06/12/2018 $20.00 Thank you Reo for doing this ride for Cancer. We live in Red Wing MN & known your Grandpa Reo & Grandma Virginia.
Garry Halter 05/25/2018 $50.00 Proud to know you and work with your Mom. Go for it!
Diane Mercer 05/25/2018 $25.00  
Bob D Mehling 05/20/2018 $100.00  
Kristine McGuire 04/02/2018 $50.00 Go Reo! Hard to believe you are a senior.
Mary Jane Meininger 03/25/2018 $25.00  
Art & Loretta Davis 03/18/2018 $20.00  
Wendy Posten 03/18/2018 $25.00  
Doretta & Greg Burrows 03/17/2018 $20.00 Love you! - Aunt Doretta and Uncle Greg Burrows
Bonfire 03/15/2018 $630.91  
Darlene Briggs 03/14/2018 $25.00  
Lori Moore 03/13/2018 $25.00 Mike and I are both proud to say "Hey, we know that young man and he is doing great things"!
Dick Burcham 03/12/2018 $20.00  
Lyman United Church Of Christ 03/12/2018 $250.00 Benevolent Fund contribution
Pancake Supper Proceeds 03/12/2018 $1,758.00  
Dempsey & Sarita Hansen 03/11/2018 $20.00  
Lonny & Roberta Luke 03/11/2018 $30.00  
Russell & Joan Shannon 03/11/2018 $20.00  
Tyler Q Lougee 03/11/2018 $10.00 Go Reo go!
Kristen Bearnson 03/11/2018 $100.00  
Dale Weisshaar 03/11/2018 $20.00  
Kelly Mehling 03/11/2018 $100.00  
Billy & Andrea Janes 03/09/2018 $20.00  
Reo Radford 03/05/2018 $20.00 From Ed Van Kirk
Dan & Gerri Lewis 03/04/2018 $20.00  
Sheri Radford-Daly 03/04/2018 $200.00  
Charles & Dorothy Harshberger Sr. 03/03/2018 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 03/02/2018 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 02/26/2018 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 02/24/2018 $20.00  
Shane McCauley 02/23/2018 $100.00 Brother of a brother - got your back! Ride hard!
Reo Radford 02/16/2018 $200.00  
Reo Radford 01/17/2018 $20.00 From Jerry & Kay Lind
Reo Radford 01/05/2018 $200.00  
Larry & Jean Purviance 12/27/2017 $321.22  
Khamis Peoples 12/06/2017 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 12/03/2017 $250.00 Love You!!!
Anonymous Friend 11/23/2017 $20.00  
Lauren Ebanks 11/22/2017 $15.00 So proud of you Reo! love you
Austin Johnson 11/20/2017 $68.78 Reach out if you need anything along the way. Team Seattle 2017
Rebecca Moffat 11/08/2017 $50.00  
Donna Radford 11/08/2017 $160.00  
Anonymous Friend 11/02/2017 $25.00  
Susan Butcher 11/01/2017 $100.00  
City Of Torrington Purchasing & Receiving 10/25/2017 $150.00  
Anonymous Friend 10/07/2017 $200.00 Sept 2017
Anonymous Friend 09/30/2017 $25.00 Monthly contribution, as promised!
Anonymous Friend 09/26/2017 $20.00 You make me proud, kid
Anonymous Friend 09/04/2017 $150.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/02/2017 $150.00 This is a really awesome thing you're doing, Reo! ~Judy
Reo Radford 08/30/2017 $200.00  
Adam Fernandez 08/28/2017 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 08/28/2017 $50.00  
Reo Radford 08/26/2017 $100.00  
  Total $6,503.91  
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