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Stephen Barr is a senior at Villanova University. In the summer of 2018, he will be traveling with a group of college-aged students on a 70-day, 4000+ mile ride from Baltimore, MD to Seattle, WA, raising money and awareness for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

What is your connection to the cancer community?

I am the son of a breast cancer survivor, grandson of an ovarian cancer victim, godson of a pancreatic cancer victim, and fraternity brother of two pediatric cancer victims. At some point everyone will be affected by cancer in one way or another, so it’s crucial that we all do what we can to support the cancer community and strive for a cure. I was fortunate enough to serve as the Chair of Philanthropy for Sigma Phi Epsilon PA Rho, where I was able to lead successful fundraising years for charities such as NOVAdance (B+ Foundation), Andrew’s Army and The DrewFund. As a chapter, we raised $15,840 for NOVAdance (over ten times more than the previous year), close to $15,000 for Andrew’s Army, and we continue to fundraise and support The DrewFund. Andrew’s Army and The DrewFund in particular, are foundations that are especially close to my heart, as they were founded for two of our beloved Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers, Andrew and Drew. Beyond Villanova Greek Life, Drew was also a great hometown family friend. Their legacies will live on and keep me committed to serving the cancer community.

While the money we raise cannot fill the emptiness of their loss, connecting with their families and supporting their legacies through my chapter’s fundraising is an honor and privilege. As I transition away from my position as VP of Philanthropy and graduate Villanova, I will continue with my service and philanthropy towards the cancer community. This summer I hope to reach my fundraising goal for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults and help relieve some of the burden of the young adults battling cancer that we meet along our journey.

Why are you traveling over 4000 miles this summer with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults?

Traveling 4,000 miles this summer with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults will be an amazing opportunity to gain clarity of purpose before pursuing my future endeavors upon graduation. I initially heard about 4K For Cancer from 4K alumnus and good friend Tucker Erdmann whom I went to Furman University with as a freshman. He strongly recommended it and said it was worth every mile. I believe that I would have a similar experience because 4K for cancer combines my three passions: exercising, being in the outdoors, and serving others. I look forward to the time I get to spend with the young adults with cancer as we make our stops at different hospitals. Through our combined effort of biking and fundraising we aim to spread awareness for young adults with cancer and give hope to finding a cure. Ultimately, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to begin life after college serving the cancer community as I bike across the country.

ABOUT 2018 4K for Cancer

2018 marks the 17th year of the 4K for Cancer sending young adults on journeys across the country in an effort to inspire hope and unite communities in the fight against cancer. The 4K for Cancer is a program of The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF). Interested in joining the fight? Apply to be a rider or runner a at


Over 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year. Young adults (ages 15-39) face a variety of unique challenges with a cancer diagnosis including fertility preservation, social isolation, lack of insurance, delayed diagnosis, and more. 


The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. With your support, the Ulman Cancer Fund is able to provide free support services and resources for the young adult cancer community including:

Cancer to 5K - a 12-week training program designed to introduce or reintroduce cancer survivors to physical activity.

Patient Navigation - a free program (onsite at cancer centers and remotely through our office) that ensures no young adult ever faces cancer alone. We provide one-on-one support & resources to young adults and their families to help them manage the cancer experience and long-term cancer survival.

Scholarships - a financial assistance program to help young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

UCF House - This year UCF broke ground on a “home away from home” to provide free housing for young adult cancer patients, and their caregivers, in East Baltimore. 

Your donation will help make these programs and our mission possible!

Name Date Amount Comments
Anonymous Friend 10/04/2018 $50.00  
Brian Gragnolati 08/09/2018 $100.00 Well done!
Annie Hosler 08/02/2018 $20.00 Keep up the good work!! Proud of you!
Tom Crawford 07/01/2018 $125.00 Good luck Stephen!
Cheryl Wolklin 06/27/2018 $100.00 Steven you are a great inspiration! God bless you on your journey. The Wolklin Family
Charles Accurso 06/27/2018 $250.00 Stephen, Good luck as you embark on this journey.
Tracey Sloan 06/23/2018 $50.00 Be careful, eat well, get enough sleep, have fun, be safe
Maryellen O'Shea & Mark Kelly 06/15/2018 $25.00 Good Luck, Stephen! We wish you the best as you take part in this wonderful endeavor!
Andy Schwartz 06/12/2018 $250.00  
Stephen Barr 06/09/2018 $200.00 This is fabulous ! Best of luck Stephen Carolyn and Joe Puleo
Curt & Lynn Selquist 06/09/2018 $500.00 What a marvelous example of commitment and dedication! We need more like you Stephen! We are proud to support you.
Kevin and Elizabeth Buzard 06/06/2018 $100.00  
Patricia Duran 05/30/2018 $20.00 From venmo
Jonathan & Alison Hosler 05/30/2018 $100.00 Stephen - all the best...ride safe...Mr. & Mrs. H.
Stephen Barr 05/15/2018 $13.00 Greg P, Nicholas C, Jamey N
Ann Marie & Mike Romanski 05/13/2018 $100.00 Good Luck Stephen!!
Stephen Barr 05/09/2018 $206.00 Gibby D, Steph L, Joe F, Sarah K, Julie K, Kristen K, Charlie A, Vinny D, Will L, Cuyler B, Megan L, Keenan A, Trevor B, Steph R, Nicky F, Lauren J, Chapey, Neville, Tony R, Tom H, Ally S, Celia R
Des & JOe McNulty 05/07/2018 $500.00 What a great initiative Stephen! See you in Seattle!!!
Kimberly Martino 05/06/2018 $50.00 Stephen, What an AWESOME undertaking. I wish you good weather, good health and lots and lots of fun and memories along the way. God Bless you!
Chris Barr 05/03/2018 $100.00 Just keep peddling
Chipotle 04/23/2018 $163.28  
Jake Armiento 04/17/2018 $5.00 For the boys
Anonymous Friend 04/17/2018 $10.00 Go Cats!!
Anonymous Friend 03/02/2018 $100.00 When times get tough out there remember all the good your doing!
Ward Utter 03/01/2018 $25.00 Good on you for doing this!
Eileen O’Brien 02/19/2018 $100.00 Hey Stephen Good luck on your ride to Seattle!
Donna Patey-restaino 02/19/2018 $100.00 Good Luck Stephen
Jim & Kim Parisi 02/11/2018 $100.00 Good luck Stephen. Hope you have a padded seat!
Dawn Fields 02/02/2018 $100.00 Stephen, We admire your passion for this great cause! God Bless You always! Love, The Fields
Karen Egan Coyle 01/31/2018 $100.00 What a great effort for a great cause!
Joe Barr 01/31/2018 $100.00 Fran, Sarah, Nicholas, and I wish you all the best with this special journey you are taking!
Brian & Donna McNeill 01/30/2018 $200.00  
Donna Hughes 01/30/2018 $100.00 Go Stephen!
Jeff Lang 01/30/2018 $200.00 I suggest doing some push up on the way for a little cross training. Great cause. Thanks
Bonnie Sturm 01/19/2018 $250.00  
Eric Soffronoff 01/05/2018 $20.00 So hype for this summer man, you're doing big things. See you out there!
Tucker Erdmann 12/27/2017 $50.00 Proud of you buddy. You are going to have an incredible summer!
Stephen Barr 12/26/2017 $100.00  
Mary Bernard 12/16/2017 $250.00 Enjoy the cross country trip for such a good cause.
Anonymous Friend 12/13/2017 $20.00 Kristen Strand (Venmo)
Carol Barr 12/03/2017 $100.00 A great event for a great cause. Good for you Stephen - proud of you. Enjoy the experience and thanks for raising money to fight cancer.
Kayne Munson 11/29/2017 $20.00 Good luck man! Doing good stuff ya herb.
Elke Diaz 11/28/2017 $25.00  
Derek G 11/18/2017 $25.00  
Don Barr 11/17/2017 $100.00 Dominique and I wishing you have a successful journey. Well done Stephen.
Gary & Matty Diehl 11/17/2017 $100.00 We'll be thinking of you during your journey! What an experience and terrific giving of yourself. Proud of you.
Kathleen Barr 11/16/2017 $100.00 Love you and proud of you Stephen!
Marylynn Barr 11/16/2017 $100.00 So proud of you brudda!! Love you!!
Robert Bernard 11/16/2017 $100.00  
Kris and Dan Lynn 11/16/2017 $250.00 You are an amazing kid helping a great cause. We are proud to support you!
Merilin Sivrieva 11/15/2017 $10.00  
Dineen Barr 11/15/2017 $500.00  
Mark Diehl 11/15/2017 $10.00  
Jim Barr 11/15/2017 $500.00  
Debbie Wilemon 11/15/2017 $100.00 Stephen, So excited for you to complete this ambitious yet so very attainable goal for someone with your perseverance. Good Luck and if in doubt, add gear! Love you! Aunt Debbie
Kimberly Schupner 11/15/2017 $25.00  
Sean Egan 11/15/2017 $25.00  
Richie Bohny 11/15/2017 $50.00 Best of luck on your journey
Stephen Barr 11/11/2017 $100.00  
  Total $7,192.28  
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