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The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, as they fight cancer and embrace survivorship. 

With your support, The Ulman Cancer Fund is able to provide multiple support services and resources for the young adult cancer community, including: 

  • Cancer to 5K - A free, progressive, 12-week run/walk program designed to reintroduce cancer survivors to physical activity.

  • Helping Others Fight - A volunteer program that provides basic services – such as transportation to and from treatment, yard work, home repairs, delivery of chemo care bags – to local cancer patients and their families so they can focus their energy on their battle with cancer and their well-being.

  • Patient Navigation - A free program - onsite at cancer centers and remote - that ensures no young adult ever faces cancer alone.  We provide one-on-one personal support and resources to young adults and their families to help them manage the cancer experience and long-term cancer survival. 

  • Scholarships - A financial assistance program to help young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

Thank you for making these programs and our mission possible.



Name Date Amount Comments
Marie Custodero 10/31/2014 $25.00 Good luck!!!
Tom and Siobhan Lengel 10/31/2014 $100.00 Good Luck Chris!
Sandy Coulter 10/30/2014 $25.00  
Scott Ward 10/23/2014 $50.00 Way to go Shannon and Chris!
Christopher Lengel 10/22/2014 $50.00  
Elizabeth Ward 10/22/2014 $32.78  
Stephen Murray 10/16/2014 $50.00 Best of Luck Cutter!!!
Jennifer Wildenstein 10/16/2014 $50.00 Go Chris!
Richard Wallace 10/15/2014 $50.00  
Monique Bertrando 10/11/2014 $25.00 Good Luck Chris!
Todd Heckman 10/10/2014 $50.00  
Laura Carroll 09/11/2014 $40.00 Good Luck Shanny and Chris!
Ellen LaPelusa 09/10/2014 $50.00 Thanks for running for such a great cause!
Strauss Family 09/06/2014 $300.00 Good Luck Cutter!!
Deborah Ward 09/06/2014 $25.00  
Thomas Chevy Cruise Night 09/05/2014 $325.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/04/2014 $100.00 Love, Mom and Dad
Juliet Cooke 08/26/2014 $50.00  
Steve Fanella 08/25/2014 $101.00 You go girl
Richard Kane 08/25/2014 $100.00  
Stephany Rozsa 08/25/2014 $50.00 Good Luck Shanny and Chris!
Dick Sanford 08/24/2014 $300.00  
Kelly Peuquet 08/22/2014 $26.22 I'm putting in my bid right now for a post-race celebration beer with you in KSQ
Anonymous Friend 08/22/2014 $25.00  
Howard Blumberg 08/20/2014 $80.00 Well done Cutter! Proud of you!
Gina Roemer 08/20/2014 $50.00  
Trudi Mathues 08/20/2014 $100.00  
Katie Walton 08/19/2014 $25.00 Good Luck Chrissy!
Trisha Mowrer 08/17/2014 $100.00 So proud of your commitments Chris.
Megan Porter 08/17/2014 $25.00  
Adam Puccia 08/16/2014 $50.00 Good Luck!
Greg Ward 08/15/2014 $75.00 So proud of you Chris and Shannon. .we will be cheering you on and waiting with the kids to serve you drinks when you get back to Kennett Square!
Denise Virkler 08/15/2014 $20.00 You are doing a great thing, best of luck.
Scott & Angela Powers 08/15/2014 $75.00  
Guth Family 08/14/2014 $25.00  
Paul Ward 08/10/2014 $50.00 Hey Lengel - here's your wheelbarrow of pennies, get to counting and rolling!!!
Jennifer&Mark Evces 08/10/2014 $75.00  
Nancy Ercolani 08/05/2014 $50.00  
Pam Eppes 08/05/2014 $200.00 Good luck yo you and Shannon. I will never forget the support and your encouragement that you provide to me in order to complete the DE HALF and along my post scooter ride. You are the best! Hope to be present to watch you cross the finish line. More importantly you are running for a terrific and much needed program.
Kim Dawson 07/28/2014 $100.00 Good luck to you both! Xoxo
Leslie Bell 07/28/2014 $50.00  
  Total $3,150.00