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It seems today that every time you turn around, another friend or love one is fighting the good fight against cancer.  Whether it is parent, a dear friend or the child of someone close to you, my first reaction is always the same - why?  Isn't life difficult enough for all of us already?  Why do we need to add something like cancer on top of it all?  But then I realize that that this is the world we live in, and supporting those who have cancer, as well as finding a cure for this disease, is the challenge of current generations.   And that each of us, whether it effects us or not (though I find it hard to believe anyone today has not been touched by this affliction in some way) need to do our part to support those who have cancer.

As many of you know, I have taken up running marathons.   I found that completing my first 26.2 mile race was truly a life altering event - yes, this can happen even in Scranton PA!  I never thought that I could finish a race of this magnitude, let alone run continuously for the hours it took.  Since my first, I have completed a total of 7 marathons, and I continue to run them, with the goal of completing one in every state.  For my NY state marathon, I had penciled in the NY City Marathon, realizing that getting into the race, under current rules, was a long shot.  However, the Lord must like marathons and seeing me run them, because He provided a path for me not only to run in this historical race, but also for me to do my small part in helping support those with cancer.  During the expo at the Virginia Beach marathon, I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Wright from the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  The organization raises funds so they can support, educate  and empower young cancer survivors.  Having just experienced the terrible loss of a young adult child of one close friend to cancer, and having another close friend battling the disease, this organziation and their reason for being instantly connected with me.  They were looking for runners to participate in the NY City Marathon and raise funds for their efforts - a perfect match.  

So here I am, looking forward to running in one of the most famouse marathons in the world on November 2nd.   And I am asking my family and friends to support me by making a donation to the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  Join me in helping those who are dealing with cancer and do our part to support them as they fight the good fight.  I truly appreciate you visiting my page and for making a donation, no matter how small, to my fundraising effort.  

I hope you can all tune in on Nov 2nd and watch the race.  I can tell you right now I will not be towards the front, but you may catch a glimpse of me crossing the Verrazano Bridge!  Thank you.


The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, as they fight cancer and embrace survivorship. 

With your support, The Ulman Cancer Fund is able to provide multiple support services and resources for the young adult cancer community, including: 

  • Cancer to 5K - A free, progressive, 12-week run/walk program designed to reintroduce cancer survivors to physical activity.

  • Helping Others Fight - A volunteer program that provides basic services – such as transportation to and from treatment, yard work, home repairs, delivery of chemo care bags – to local cancer patients and their families so they can focus their energy on their battle with cancer and their well-being.

  • Patient Navigation - A free program - onsite at cancer centers and remote - that ensures no young adult ever faces cancer alone.  We provide one-on-one personal support and resources to young adults and their families to help them manage the cancer experience and long-term cancer survival. 

  • Scholarships - A financial assistance program to help young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

Thank you for making these programs and our mission possible.



Name Date Amount Comments
Katherine Sutherland 11/05/2014 $30.00 Did you survive? Proud of you!
Edwin Haas 11/01/2014 $100.00 Foti, finish strong in honor of our favorite Aunt. Elaine, Ed, Alison, and Edwin.
Katherine Panagakos 10/31/2014 $100.00 Mom was so proud of you as am I! Now run like Pheidippides did. <3 Kath
Nicholas Panagakos 10/30/2014 $100.00 Good luck!
Timothy Duffy 10/28/2014 $50.00 Good Luck Foti
CJ and Jane Fraleigh 10/28/2014 $100.00  
Patriceatri Pascual 10/27/2014 $100.00 May the wind be at your back!
Kristi Benz 10/25/2014 $20.00 Best Wishes Foti! Run Strong!!
Ken Mnich 10/08/2014 $25.00 Foti, good luck running for a great cause!
Anthony Volpe 10/03/2014 $300.00  
Beth Truett 09/28/2014 $50.00 Go for it, Foti...and thanks for the opportunity to name people who have survived, but still suffer from the effects of cancer and its treatment. All the best! Beth Truett
Evie & Panos Papapanou 09/25/2014 $100.00 Great cause, Foti. Best of luck!
Mack Morrison 09/21/2014 $100.00  
Mary Lee Conicella 09/11/2014 $50.00 Very impressive Foti! Good Luck!
Teresa Dolan 09/11/2014 $50.00 Go Foti!
Ann Battrell 09/08/2014 $500.00 Go Foti Panagakos!!
Michael Labson 09/07/2014 $100.00 Good luck Foti!
Rebecca Wilder 09/06/2014 $50.00 I hope you have a great race! Thanks for contributing your time to a great cause!
Lily Garcia 09/03/2014 $100.00 Run like you are shopping with the girls!!!
Rose Marie Ambrozio 09/02/2014 $100.00  
Jodi Ryan 09/01/2014 $50.00 Good luck with the NYC Marathon!
Sakina Namazi 08/28/2014 $30.00 See you on the course, Foti! Good luck!
Bob Mnich 08/28/2014 $25.00 Good luck on your run Foti!
Colin Reusch 08/27/2014 $20.00  
Rani Gereige 08/27/2014 $30.00 All the best!!!
Magda Feres 08/26/2014 $200.00 Running for life, Foti! Beautiful thing to do. I am glad to help you to help. Good luck!
Frank & Janet Mnich 08/26/2014 $100.00 Foti,run while you can. The NJ National Guard's Old Farts Club is hot on your heels! Good luck for a great cause.
Seb Ciancio 08/25/2014 $100.00 Happy to support a good cause!
James Ying-Kwei Tseng 08/24/2014 $100.00 Foti, great cause and good luck!
Jesley Ruff 08/23/2014 $20.00 Wishing you the best for a great cause
Therese Long 08/22/2014 $50.00 Onward & upward--thanks for your leadership, Foti!
Barbara Shearer 08/22/2014 $50.00  
Matthew Jacob 08/21/2014 $200.00 Good luck, Foti -- such a great cause.
John Buckley 08/21/2014 $50.00 Great job Foti! Best of luck!
JoAnn Gurenlian 08/21/2014 $50.00 All the best!
Deb Fleming 08/21/2014 $50.00 Wishing you the best time of your life!
William DeVizio 08/20/2014 $250.00  
Edwin Haas 08/20/2014 $100.00 GO FOTI! Best Wishes and Good Luck from Team Haas: Elaine, Ed, Alison, and Edwin.
Julia Wehkamp 08/20/2014 $25.00 Go get 'em, Tiger :)
Steve Kess 08/20/2014 $50.00 Great job Foti! Steve
Luciana Shaddox 08/20/2014 $100.00 Good luck on your run Foti! Just think you are running for a good cause and it will be a breeze! :)
Cesar Migliorati 08/20/2014 $100.00 Foti, great cause. Good luck, Cesar
Patricia Chaknis 08/20/2014 $50.00  
Stephen Siegel 08/20/2014 $100.00 Good luck, Foti!
John Forbes 08/20/2014 $50.00 Enjoy the day.
Jeffrey Linfante 08/20/2014 $100.00  
Joe Battaglia 08/20/2014 $100.00  
Doniki Ibrahim 08/20/2014 $50.00 Go Foti! Best of luck for such a good cause!
Jill & Mike Rethman 08/20/2014 $100.00 You are a mensch. (But beware the knee-gremlins!)
Michael Economopoulos 08/20/2014 $100.00 Run, Forrest! Run!
Laura Lannin 08/20/2014 $50.00 Go, Foti!!!! Love the Stelzer gang
Mark Goddard 08/20/2014 $50.00 Way to go! Thanks for running.
Yiming Li 08/20/2014 $100.00 Be a great runner, Foti, you are already a winner!
Fotinos Panagakos 04/23/2014 $500.00  
Fiona Sandom 04/17/2014 $50.00 Good luck with your challenge Foti, best wishes Fiona
Chris Monasmith 04/09/2014 $25.00 Good Luck Foti. I know you will kill this like every other race you do.
Marathon Training Academy 04/07/2014 $50.00 You're doing a great thing. God Bless!
  Total $5,350.00