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I'm looking forward to training for and running the 2014 New York Marathon on November 2 as part of the Ulman Cancer Fund's Team Fight!  

I'll be running in memory of my great friend Judah Pushkin, and will celebrate in NYC after the race with my family, and great high school friends who miss Judah as well. I chose to join Team Fight and support the Ulman Cancer Fund because the cause is important to me, as is the organization. 

My goal is to raise $2,500 before November, to support young adults with cancer. I hope you will join with me. I appreciate your support.

Thanks - H




The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, as they fight cancer and embrace survivorship. 

With your support, The Ulman Cancer Fund is able to provide multiple support services and resources for the young adult cancer community, including: 

  • Cancer to 5K - A free, progressive, 12-week run/walk program designed to reintroduce cancer survivors to physical activity.

  • Helping Others Fight - A volunteer program that provides basic services – such as transportation to and from treatment, yard work, home repairs, delivery of chemo care bags – to local cancer patients and their families so they can focus their energy on their battle with cancer and their well-being.

  • Patient Navigation - A free program - onsite at cancer centers and remote - that ensures no young adult ever faces cancer alone.  We provide one-on-one personal support and resources to young adults and their families to help them manage the cancer experience and long-term cancer survival. 

  • Scholarships - A financial assistance program to help young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

Thank you for making these programs and our mission possible.



Name Date Amount Comments
Bank of America Foundation 06/17/2015 $50.00  
Bank of America Foundation 11/21/2014 $50.00  
Bank of America Foundation 11/21/2014 $250.00  
Shawn Taylor 11/07/2014 $100.00  
Robin Orr 11/01/2014 $100.00 Way to go Howie - so proud of you and excited for you!! You are awesome my friend! Good luck!!
Janie Cook 10/31/2014 $50.00 Good Luck Old Friend!! I will be pulling for you on Sunday! Great cause that you are running for!! When the race gets tough (mile 20-26) pull on the strength of our dear friend Judah and never give up just as he never did!! Run strong!
Randy Reitenauer 10/30/2014 $25.00 Great job on the fundraising. And I'm sure on the training too. Enjoy the run.
JOHN GILPIN 10/29/2014 $50.00 Good Luck Howard!
Jennifer Cavey 10/29/2014 $30.00 Go Howard Go!
Doug Holthaus 10/29/2014 $25.00 Howard Schwartz
Larry & Diane Macklin 10/29/2014 $50.00  
Crista Colvin 10/28/2014 $25.00  
Megan Bruno 10/28/2014 $25.00 Good luck, Howard! Have fun!
PJ McDermott 10/28/2014 $111.00 Go get 'em, How!!
Cathy Johnson 10/28/2014 $25.00 Will be thinkgi go of you this weekend......Kirk and Cathy
Mary Beth and John MacKinnon 10/27/2014 $50.00 Way to go How! So excited for you!
Suz Covin 10/27/2014 $25.00 Thanks to you and your family for all you do in the community. Our daughter ran the NYC Marathon in 2010. It's AWESOME!!! Enjoy the challenge.
Michael & Tammy Zedosky 09/17/2014 $100.00 So proud of you, How. xo!
Rich Pesce 09/15/2014 $25.00 Good luck. Great cause and NYC puts on a great marathon.
Jim Hammons 08/22/2014 $100.00  
Bank of America Foundation 07/21/2014 $100.00  
Bill Wheeler 03/22/2014 $25.00 Best of luck Howard - what a great cause to contribute to!
Arnold Tanguilig 02/19/2014 $50.00  
Kelly Smith 02/19/2014 $100.00 This is Great
Michael &Theresa Schwartz 02/19/2014 $100.00 Run Howie Run. We'll never forget Judah
Robin Foster 02/15/2014 $30.00 Can't wait to see the photos of you crossing the finish line!
Stephen Summers 02/15/2014 $100.00 This is for the Howard Schwartz fund in memory of Judah Pushkin.
Jackie Ridgell 02/11/2014 $100.00  
Mark Fariss 02/10/2014 $500.00  
Rafael Matos 02/08/2014 $100.00 Thank you for your dedication in memory of those lost to this evil condition. You are going to ROCK it!
Deb Barracato 02/08/2014 $25.00 Impressed!
Wendy Royalty 02/08/2014 $50.00 Go Howie!
Blair Taylor 02/07/2014 $100.00 Howard - What a great tribute to Judah. May his memory live on in the lives of those he touched!
Ilana Bittner 02/07/2014 $72.00  
Martha Hutchinson 02/07/2014 $25.00 Go Howie!! Best Wishes, Martha
Beth and Scott Harbinson 02/05/2014 $50.00 Howard, What a great cause. What a fantastic fundraising goal. Way to go! Can't wait to see your sorry ass post race :) Beth & Scott
Susan Goldner 02/05/2014 $72.00 We're all so proud of the good person, father & friend you are to so many! Billie & Jerry are smiling too! All our love you & your family!
Jim and Chris Beaudoin 02/04/2014 $100.00 Have a great run for a great cause.
Kristen Sims 02/03/2014 $100.00 Howie, Judah would feel so honored by you and proud of you, such a good friend. Good Luck!
Susan Lambrechts 02/03/2014 $100.00 Such memories. Proud of you, Howie!
Beth and Chris Ditman 02/03/2014 $100.00 Good luck with the race and meeting your goal.
Yaacov Pushkin 02/01/2014 $250.00 Go Howie!
Kate Amsbry 02/01/2014 $50.00 I'm sure Judah will be with you the whole way. Tell him I said HI!
Les Bagyi 02/01/2014 $100.00 Spanarkel! Good luck and thanks for doing this in Honor of Judah! Still one of my most favorite persons I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Best wishes to you and your family and once again thanks! Judah would be very proud! Sincerely, Les Bagyi
Stella Beaudoin 02/01/2014 $200.00  
Patrick Wysong 02/01/2014 $40.00  
Ellen Millhollon 01/30/2014 $150.00  
John Beaudoin 01/30/2014 $50.00  
Betsy Gardner 01/30/2014 $50.00 Such a wonderful mitzvah Howard Schwartz you are doing in blessed memory of Judah Pushkin.
Mickey Gomez 01/30/2014 $50.00 Go, Howard! So inspiring.
Mary Beth Blake 01/30/2014 $100.00  
Brian Bishop 01/30/2014 $50.00 Run like the wind, man! Great cause. Great event. Judah will be proud. Brian & Tami
Wendy Allen 01/30/2014 $100.00 Way to go Howard! Very very cool
Nancy Bruns 01/29/2014 $50.00  
Jordan, Alec, Bryn & Cameron Schwartz 01/28/2014 $100.00 Go daddy! We are proud of you and love you!
Jordan, Alec, Bryn & Cameron Schwartz 01/28/2014 $100.00 Go daddy! We are proud of you and love you!
  Total $4,705.00