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Jean Coyle is a senior at Loyola University Maryland. In the summer of 2017 she will be traveling with a group of college-aged students on a 49 day, 4000+ mile run from San Francisco, CA to Baltimore, MD to raise funds and awareness for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. 


What is your connection to the cancer community?

O.W. Holmes has a quote that reads ‘A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to it’s old dimensions.’ This quote truly describes my experience with the 4K two summers ago when I completed the ride from Baltimore to Seattle. Before this experience I had various connections throughout my life to the cancer community. I had a teacher who I was close with pass away, a very close friend's family was affected and the list continues. However, after the summer of 2015 my connection grew immensely. My connection is and always will be all of the families and people I met along the way, all the people who told me their story as well as my team Seattle 2015 who all have their own connections. This summer will be for all of them, it will be for every person I met who has been affected by cancer as well as for my team Seattle 2015.  


However, in particular, this summer is for a woman who I have not known for that long, but who has made an incredible impact on my life. This person is a very close friend of my mom. This person is an inspiration to all people and someone who is so incredibly strong, so strong that when you are in her presence you are always amazed and energized by her energy.


Why are you traveling over 4000 miles this summer with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults?

This summer I am traveling 4,000 miles to demonstrate that no one who is affected by cancer is doing it alone, that they always have a support system that they can fall back on and depend on. I also dedicate my summer to a very close family friend, Lisa. I have only known Lisa for the past 5 years, but every time I see her I am forever amazed and inspired. Lisa has been battling cancer for a little bit now, however, she continues to run and be an extremely active person. I actually met Lisa through a running group in my hometown called Can’t Is Not An Option, so I find it very fitting to be running across the country this summer in her honor.

ABOUT 2017 4K for Cancer

2017 marks the 16th year of the 4K for Cancer sending young adults on journeys across the country in an effort to inspire hope and unite communities in the fight against cancer. The 4K for Cancer is a program of The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF). Interested in joining the fight? Apply to be a rider or runner at


Over 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year. Young adults (ages 15-39) face a variety of unique challenges with a cancer diagnosis including fertility preservation, social isolation, lack of insurance, delayed diagnosis, and more. 


The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. With your support, the Ulman Cancer Fund is able to provide free support services and resources for the young adult cancer community including:

Cancer to 5K - a 12-week training program designed to introduce or reintroduce cancer survivors to physical activity.

Patient Navigation - a free program (onsite at cancer centers and remotely through our office) that ensures no young adult ever faces cancer alone. We provide one-on-one support & resources to young adults and their families to help them manage the cancer experience and long-term cancer survival.

Scholarships - a financial assistance program to help young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

UCF House - This year UCF broke ground on a “home away from home” to provide free housing for young adult cancer patients, and their caregivers, in East Baltimore. 

Your donation will help make these programs and our mission possible!

Name Date Amount Comments
Alice Coyle 06/25/2017 $65.00 Enjoy and take care of yourself !
Lauren Barnett 06/15/2017 $25.00 So proud of you Jean! Can't wait to follow your summer of shenanigans!
Faith Nicosia 06/08/2017 $20.00 So proud of You! You are such an inspiration
Andy Gavins Guest Bartending Night 06/08/2017 $625.00  
Anonymous Friend 06/08/2017 $200.00 So proud of you and your team!
Anonymous Friend 06/08/2017 $47.00  
Marybeth Starrett 06/05/2017 $25.00 Your dedication to 4K is inspirational! Thanks for helping Steph and Team Seattle 2017 this weekend! Go forth and run like the wind! I'll be cheering you on!
Kathleen Baer 06/04/2017 $20.00 You are a true role model and hero. It's an honor to call you a friend, my angel. Thank you for continuously working for the cause that we both hold near and dear to our hearts. Love you, keep up the good fight!
Chris Gallacher 05/29/2017 $20.00  
Jim Cooney 05/29/2017 $35.00  
Kristin Coffey 05/28/2017 $20.00 Best of luck on your journey!
Alan Baker 05/27/2017 $75.00 Proud of you and Hannah and all of the folks helping to support this cause!
Megan Hays 05/27/2017 $25.00 So proud of you girl, rock it this summer :D
Margy and Mike Fiscus 05/26/2017 $50.00 Best of Luck Jean on your journey!
Dana Boggiano 05/20/2017 $40.00 Proud of you, mentee! I told a stranger on a run about the 4K and part of this donation is from him. Keep changing lives in 4K style!
Alexe Tsao 05/10/2017 $50.00 GO JEAN!!!!!!
Grace Mayeda 05/08/2017 $25.00 Jean, you continue to inspire through your actions. ❤
Patricia M Cantafio 04/27/2017 $25.00  
MaGerks Bar Night 04/09/2017 $160.00  
Matt Groce 04/06/2017 $10.00  
Joseph Burns 04/06/2017 $20.00  
Gallagher Law Offices PC 04/03/2017 $100.00  
Megan Morrow 04/02/2017 $21.05 So proud of you Jean! Can't wait to follow your journey this summer!
Maureen Faux 03/04/2017 $50.00 So proud of you Jean for doing this! Best of luck!!
Emily Wolfson 02/27/2017 $15.00  
Amanda Waggoner 02/27/2017 $15.00 #ImWithJean #Jean2020 #Jean
Julie Thumel 02/27/2017 $25.00 Love you Jeano!
Spin Class 02/26/2017 $120.00  
Brenda Colbert 02/24/2017 $100.00  
Loyola University Maryland 02/24/2017 $513.00  
10 Pm Mass Collection 02/22/2017 $93.55  
Robert Gelcius 02/21/2017 $100.00 Kick some ass Jeany! See you in Nebraska!
Pong Tournament 02/20/2017 $100.00  
Mike Schweizer 02/20/2017 $20.00 Because if I was at Loyola, I would've attended your tournament (and ran it *cough*). You've been a role model to me not only through OAE, but as a general member of society as well. Keep changing the world, Jean, I'll see ya on the flip side.
Maggie Ritter 02/19/2017 $10.00  
Maxine Renning 02/15/2017 $25.00 Love you Gino!
Cate Welsh 02/14/2017 $20.00 Coyle Coyle! You are making the world a better place by spreading cheer and happiness and reminding others how small acts of kindness can make a huge difference. This big one will surely do great for so many people. So proud of you buddy!!!
Kaitlyn Davis 02/06/2017 $25.00 You go Jeanie!! I'm so so proud of you and so excited for you to make this journey again!
Ann Marie Callahan 02/06/2017 $15.00  
Mary Janet Gilroy 02/05/2017 $20.00  
Avoca Jolly Boys 01/30/2017 $25.00  
Christine Creedon 01/29/2017 $20.00  
Aaron Oppegard 01/26/2017 $50.57 So cool that you're taking on this adventure again. Can't wait to follow along with your trip updates. Id appreciate it if you ran for my mom one day - Debra Schirm.
Ann Satkowski 01/26/2017 $10.00  
Ann Marie Durako 01/22/2017 $30.00 Congratulations, Jean, for undertaking such an ambitious project to help people with cancer! All the Durako's are very proud of you! Good luck in your run! Much love sent your way!
Kathryn McHale 01/21/2017 $50.00  
Eva Hannon 01/21/2017 $25.00  
Ann Marie Joyce 01/21/2017 $100.00  
Robert McKee 01/17/2017 $25.00 Sounds like a great adventure Jean - have fun!!
Joseph Mullen 01/17/2017 $25.00  
Jackie Starrett 01/16/2017 $35.00 I'm so excited for you!!! Have an amazing summer :)
Marita Woloszyn 01/16/2017 $25.00  
Ned and Mary Kay Jones 01/15/2017 $50.00 The very best to you and THANK YOU for ALL you do!
Marie Coyle 01/15/2017 $200.00 Always so proud of everything you do!
Aileen Wertz 01/15/2017 $75.00 Good luck rating money for a great cause!
Mary Ann Kelly 01/15/2017 $20.00  
Linda Barrasse 01/15/2017 $50.00  
Frank & Anne Swaha 01/14/2017 $25.00 Thanks for all you do to support others in need!
Patricia Kanashiro 01/14/2017 $50.00 My dear Jean, it was such a privilege to work with you at Loyola. Thank you for running 4,000 miles, it is just an amazing and challenging journey.
Maureen Diaz 01/14/2017 $10.00  
Marilyn Redington 01/12/2017 $40.00  
Thomas Golden 01/12/2017 $25.00  
Berverly Kirby 01/12/2017 $50.00  
Jean Marie Carroll 01/12/2017 $25.00  
Jane Feeney 01/11/2017 $20.00  
Colleen Reardon 01/11/2017 $20.00  
Michael Kelly 01/10/2017 $250.00 Jean, Jean you're a running machine!
Madeline Isacco 01/08/2017 $25.00 Jean- everything you do is with your full heart!!!!! Wish you amazing memories in your journey this summer in inspiring many others!!!!!! Much love to a truly amazing friend!!!!
Dana Gehling-Healey 01/08/2017 $25.00 Jean, You are a wonderful example to others and so very inspiring . Wishing you love and happiness❤️-Dana
Hannah Loiselle 01/07/2017 $25.00 Jean, you continue to inspire me in all that you do. I'm grateful to have you to look up to as a role model. Friends like you are hard to find<3 Can't wait to conquer this with you!
Alex Mason 01/07/2017 $20.00 Love you Jeanie! Good luck :)
Katelyn Fabri 12/26/2016 $50.00 So proud of my little bird! I'll be behind you every step of the way! Seattle '15 has your back through this.
Will Weise 12/25/2016 $20.00 OOOOO KILL 'EM
Jean Coyle 12/20/2016 $100.00  
  Total $4,590.17  
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