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Katelyn Piech is a Junior at Millersville University. In the summer of 2019, she will be traveling with a group of college-aged students on a 49-day, 4000+ mile run from San Francisco to Baltimore, raising money and awareness for the Ulman Foundation.

What is your connection to the cancer community?

Although I do not have a direct connection to the cancer community I have always tried to be involved in events to show support. During my senior year of high school, I helped organize a Mini-THON to raise money for the Four Diamonds Foundation and to spread awareness for pediatric cancer. Ever since then I have felt a close connection to the cancer community and have been wanting to volunteer my time to spread awareness in any way that I can.

Why are you traveling 4,000 miles this summer with the Ulman Foundation?

I am traveling 4,000 miles this summer to show support for the cancer community and run for those who can't. I also am hoping to learn a lot about myself by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking on a challenge I never thought I could do! I am incredibly excited to have been chosen to partake in this adventure.

ABOUT 2019 4K for Cancer

2019 marks the 18th year of the 4K for Cancer sending young adults on journeys across the country in an effort to inspire hope and unite communities in the fight against cancer. The 4K for Cancer is a program of the Ulman Foundation (Ulman). Interested in joining the fight? Apply to be a rider or runner a at www.4kforcancer.org


Over 72,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year. Young adults (ages 15-39) face a variety of unique challenges with a cancer diagnosis including fertility preservation, social isolation, lack of insurance, delayed diagnosis, and more. 


Ulman Foundation changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. With your support, Ulman is able to provide free support services and resources for the young adult cancer community including:

Cancer to 5K - a 12-week training program designed to introduce or reintroduce cancer survivors to physical activity.

Patient Navigation - a free program (onsite at cancer centers and remotely through our office) that ensures no young adult ever faces cancer alone. We provide one-on-one support & resources to young adults and their families to help them manage the cancer experience and long-term cancer survival.

Scholarships - a financial assistance program to help young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

Ulman House - This year Ulman will open a “home away from home” to provide free housing for young adult cancer patients, and their caregivers, in East Baltimore. 

Your donation will help make these programs and our mission possible!

Name Date Amount Comments
Steve Lutz 08/05/2019 $200.00 Kate, I don’t know you personally but your Dad told me your story of your trip and it was very inspiring! Please continue to follow your dreams and continue to push yourself to new challenges. PPF! Steve Lutz
Stefano Sarge 07/25/2019 $20.00 Good luck, Kate!!!
Austin Stoelk 07/25/2019 $15.00 You go girl
Steve Piech Sr. 07/25/2019 $1,000.00  
Anonymous Friend 07/13/2019 $50.00  
John Stenroos 06/23/2019 $525.00 Run Kate Run !!!
Linda Kaczmarek-Leary 06/21/2019 $1,000.00 Good luck kate
Matt Brooks 06/15/2019 $20.00 Run Katelyn run!
Katelyn Piech 06/11/2019 $100.00  
Laura Piech 05/30/2019 $1,000.00 Good luck to my lovely granddaughter. I am so proud of you. Love you Nana Piech
Veronica Brown 05/14/2019 $300.00 I love you to infinity and beyond. Very proud of you kate.
Rodeoff Intothesunset 05/10/2019 $50.00 Go get 'em Katelyn. Natelle and Dave
Kathy Batson 04/30/2019 $250.00 So proud of you as you set out on this tremendous journey! Xo
Bonfire 04/09/2019 $18.24  
Bonfire 04/09/2019 $28.88  
Mary Lynch 04/05/2019 $25.00 Best of Luck.
Anonymous Friend 04/01/2019 $100.00 Awesome effort Katelyn.
Gina Chiarelli 03/31/2019 $20.00 Katelyn, you will be a blessing to all who meet you on this journey!
Will Lasky 03/11/2019 $50.00 Katelyn, thank you for asking me to participate. I am inspired by your mission and wish you all the best in reaching your goals. Will Lasky
David Cousins 03/06/2019 $100.00 Katelyn - I saw a story about your 4K for Cancer for fundraiser on the Millersville website. Good luck towards your goal and the run. Hopefully you will get to see and do lots of amazing things. David Cousins Millersville University 2002
Kelly Charlton 03/06/2019 $100.00 Kate, thank you for doing this! Cancer is horrible, and it touches so many people across the world. I will definitely be following your journey, and we’ll be cheering you on the entire way. Keep a journal so you can write a book about your experience. I’d buy that book. Hugs and best wishes for success in everything you do!
Lisa Betz 03/05/2019 $50.00 You are an inspiration to many! Cannot wait to hear about you experience!
Karla Becker 03/04/2019 $50.00 My son went to high school with you. His name is jarret. He also is a student at millersville. He is a recent survivor of an aggressive form of cancer. This means the world to us. Thank you! Good luck!
Chipotle 01/31/2019 $88.36  
Bonfire 01/14/2019 $377.98  
Ralph Snearly 01/05/2019 $50.00 God's speed!
Terry and Karen Weikel 01/05/2019 $50.00 You are a great inspiration to many. Good Luck!
Jim And Bonnie Babb 01/04/2019 $50.00 Good luck kate!
Barb and Jim Stoneback 01/04/2019 $100.00 Way to go Kate. Such a caring thing to do. Good luck!
Shawn Huntzinger 01/04/2019 $200.00 Good Luck!!! Do not focus on where you are, focus on where you are going !!!
Katelyn Piech 01/01/2019 $67.00 Instagram Story Bingo Card Fundraiser!
Reed Huntzinger 12/28/2018 $150.00 Your drive to help others is like no other and I am externally proud of you. I love you and I can’t wait to follow your journey across the country. Go get it!
Anonymous Friend 12/28/2018 $50.00 You got this girl. People are gonna try and bring you down but I am so proud and believe in what you’re doing. Our family, will support you always ❤️
Chris Bean 12/27/2018 $100.00  
Deborah Bargione 12/27/2018 $100.00 It is an amazing thing you are doing, Kate. Way to go!!!
Allison Babb 12/20/2018 $30.00 Love you so much! Proud and excited for you for doing this!!!
Sarah Babb 12/14/2018 $30.00 I love you KP! Can't wait to watch your journey! <3
Zach Johnson 12/04/2018 $20.00 You're doing an awesome thing!!!
Steve Piech Sr. 12/02/2018 $500.00 I am extremely proud of you for stepping up and taking on this journey. Cancer is so hurtful to so many young and old. For you and your siblings not being able to meet my dad and for him not being able to see you each grow into the beautiful souls that you are today hurts. Good Luck & make memories. Love You Dad
Steven Piech 11/12/2018 $100.00  
Dawn Schaffer 11/12/2018 $50.00 Thanks for supporting such a great cause!! Proud of you.
Katelyn Piech 10/01/2018 $100.00  
  Total $7,285.46  
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